Whether you have one rental or many, check out the Top 5 tips to get top dollar for your rental from our CEO of The Philly Apartment Company, Mike McNelis.

1) Be Pet Friendly! This surprised me – but Mike explains over 60% of renters either have pets or want to have pets. Mike has suggestions to protect you regarding deposits.

2) Fix and Clean your Vacancy ASAP – sometimes landlords want to wait until it’s rented to paint. Mike explains that hurts your rental results. Do the re

3) Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations – these are areas where you can get a return dollar-for-dollar. New vanities, mirrors and light fixtures go a long way. As do stainless steel appliances.

4) Security – renters are always looking at security. Interior and exterior doors. Replace deadbolts and locks. It’s one of the things tenants look at first.

5) Be cooperative! – renters in today’s market have a lot of choices. Renters want to get to know their landlords. Be communicative and available. They want to know how to get in touch with you. That makes a difference when renters are weighing their options.

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