Where is our market today? And where is it going? Join me for this month’s market update featuring tips for buyers and sellers, and whether it’s time to flip or hold. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for weekly updates on Philly’s real estate market and trends. Contact me for insights into your location as it’s important to go hyper local when analyzing your market.

Next time, I’ll integrate slides in my LIVE broadcast. But for your easy reference here they are:

Leo Addimando’s presentation at Keller Williams Philly “How to do 1 Billion in Real Estate Development” highlights key elements of why Philly rental development market is so strong. Highlights included in my slides above.

If you want, skip to minute 28 when he starts sharing his tips for success, including why Philly is a hot place to invest in real estate rental inventory.

Hyper local data is important when making a decision to buy or sell. Contact me, let’s talk! I’ll bring the coffee!

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