What are the top national Luxury Staging trends?

It’s great to network with other luxury agents like I did recently at a two-day conference, where I get to hear top marketing trends that work nationally and internationally.

I learned that virtual staging is a key tool with top agents selling multi-million dollar homes in other areas of the country.

While the home needs to welcome real buyers when they walk through the door, the first showing is online and virtual staging can help create the “wow” factor we need to motivate buyers to come see the home.

BoxBrownie.com is the preferred resource for luxury virtual staging and renderings. The various galleries offered on their website show insights as to what works to attract real buyers in the luxury market segment.

Three galleries are especially relevant for market areas like Philly and the Main Line.

Traditional Gallery

You might be surprised as the luxury version of “traditional” has a much more modern aesthetic than what we typically see in Center City and the Main Line. Check it out…


Hamptons Gallery

A weekend home is a demographic growing in the Philly and Main Line luxury market. I personally have helped clients purchase luxury townhomes in Center City and large Main Line estates as weekend retreats. While we aren’t a beach resort, when buyers want to feel pampered and relaxed, modeling after the Hamptons Gallery will help them fall in love with your home.


To strategically sell luxury homes, we match lifestyles with real buyers. One of the purposes of home staging, combined with virtual staging is to “tell a story” that will resonate with a variety of lifestyles.

Contemporary Gallery

Last but not least – the Contemporary Gallery. Did you find it surprising how many contemporary elements there were in both the Traditional and Hamptons Galleries?


You can see elements of color tones and design trends in all three galleries that attract buyers from a variety of lifestyles.

Some of the top design elements you’ll see in all;

  • Neutral palette – light gray, beige and white walls
  • Open sunlit rooms – featuring open floor plans
  • No curtains – or neutral light curtains
  • Muted colors with subtle accent tones
  • Shining hardwood floors exposed
  • Smaller area rugs – neutral tones
  • Large signature art piece – not cluster of paintings
  • Less is more! Pictures, vases, personal items

For more info and tips, visit my Staging Guide for sellers. And please vote! Let us know your Gallery choice – Gallery Poll.